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Sober Relationship School

Group coaching for people in recovery committed to up leveling their relationships, sobriety, and living on purpose.

  • Define your patterns in your past/present relationships and discover how to relate to people, places, and things in your sober life
  • Learn why you struggled to be honest with yourself and how to create secure relationships, healthy boundaries and build your self-esteem
  • Create a healthy communication roadmap for your life and your relationships
  • Create a personalized toolkit to use what you learn and create a new way of life
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Amy Guerrero

Founder of Thrive in Recovery and Sober Relationship School

I am a conscious sober woman shedding some light on what is possible LOVING & LIVING SOBER

When I stopped using drugs and alcohol, I turned my healing into my work and started sharing years of education and teaching to coach people to live life with freedom, fun, and clarity in all areas of their life in recovery.

Sober Relationship School will help you discover your purpose to create the life you desire to go beyond surviving to thriving in all areas of life.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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What you'll learn

Attachment Theory & Patterns

Learn about attachment theory and how the patterns you developed as a child affect your sober relationships and are holding you back from getting your needs met. By defining your attachment style, you can start healing and connect with people with healthy secure attachment.

Honesty & Secure Attachments

Explore how your trauma and nervous system interact and can affect your reactions. Learn how to regulate those reactions by developing a polyvagal ladder map to build honesty with yourself and others and create secure attachments.

Creating Communication

Discover the masculine and feminine energies within yourself and how they effect your communication. Learn to understand how to overcome these patterns and share your Divine Core with clear, concise, compassionate, and cumulative communication.

Make it a way of life

Now we’ll take what you’ve learned and make it second nature with trauma informed goal setting, understanding and overcoming ideas that have kept you stuck, learning to choose differently, and discovering the purpose within you.

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What you’ll get

Apply today and book a one-on-one call with me to ensure this is the right program for you. Once accepted you’ll join a select group of individuals ready to make healthy sober relationships their new reality.

Online Self-Directed Courses

Each week you’ll work through a different topic of Sober Relationship School from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Video lessons, journaling prompts, and guided meditations will help you immerse yourself in the learning and prepare you for the coaching sessions.

Group Coaching Sessions

We’ll meet weekly to discuss what you’ve learned and how you are implementing it and prepare for what is next. I am there to support you every step of the way and we’ll build a community to keep you out of isolation and on-track to achieve your goals.

Support & Accountability Community

You’ll also become a member of the Sober Relationship School Communication Cohort where you and your classmates can ask me questions, share your successes, receive support, and practice what you are learning in a safe and private forum.

60 Days of Access

The learning and growth doesn’t stop once the program does. Once we’ve completed the Sober Relationship lessons and coaching sessions you will have access to all the materials, coaching sessions, lessons, and communication cohort for an additional 30 days.

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What graduates are saying

Hannah W. coaching testimonial


Sober Relationship School was an amazing experience for me, I was supported when I had to face some dark and scary thoughts that I thought would be the end of me, but I made it through, and I most certainly feel stronger for it!

My life has changed because I have finally chosen me! I am finally taking that little girl in me and loving her and letting her know she is loved and putting what is best for me first!

L.C. coaching testimonial


It's life changing. As cliche as that is, my English vocabulary is not sufficient enough to describe it otherwise. For the first time in my 23 years, I was sad for something to be over.

I realize how toxic my real-life people are, and that no wonder I was "stuck" when I was still associating with those individuals. I've weeded out A LOT of people, and my day to day is already much more peaceful.

I now have friends who are on the same path as me, and I feel less alone even though we're in completely different time zones.

Judy S. Sober Relationship School testimonial

Judy S.

Deciding to join Sober Relationship School helped me see more of where my parental wounding has affected my relationship to myself and others. I feel more resilient, more willing to keep going on my healing work around my relationship with myself and others.

Invest in yourself because you are worth it, and you won't regret it! This is knowledge that will help you to grow.

Michael R.

Amy has done it! Her ideals and methodology are: straight forward (she speaks plainly and honestly), simply (not easy by any means), organized (structured and tooled for the disorganized mind), informed (she cares because she’s been through it).

She is passionate, and passion is infectious. You want to hear what she knows, what she thinks and how she feels. Bonus, Amy is very fun and funny. It's easy to feel safe with her.

Say Yes to yourself!‚Äč

Enroll today to start getting unstuck in your sober relationships. I look forward to connecting with you.

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