The only 5-month live experience for recovering humans and their loved ones to learn how to talk, love, and connect with more confidence, freedom and happiness.

You feel disconnected from yourself, partner, family and work.

You desire more connection, love, calm, peace and deeply want to trust again.

You have done the recovery rooms and you long for more. 

But, where do you go from here?

You have arrived.

I'm ready to Recover the Trust

Does any of this sound like you?

You are in recovery and...

 You want more out of your current relationships. You often feel unfulfilled, empty, mechanical and that your needs are unmet. You crave deeper connections.

 You’re unsure how to relate, communicate, and connect with your friends or family who are not in recovery. 

 You want to learn how to master your communication - using it as a power instead of second-guessing yourself and overthinking every decision around relationships.

 You struggle to forgive yourself and block deeper connections because you’re afraid of being rejected.

 You don’t feel as connected to other humans because you are plagued with negative thinking, low self-esteem, and struggle to communicate what you need.

Yes, that is me. I want in!

You love someone in recovery and...

You are unsure how to relate, communicate, and connect with the person you love.

 You beat yourself up a lot, don’t want to bother other people and eat to escape your feelings. 

 You struggle to understand how to truly accept forgiveness from your person. You often second guess if you should just leave the relationship or keep it at a superficial level where you never talk about what happened or the recovery process.

 You really want to be able to fully trust yourself and your loved ones again but are confused about how to do it and what that really means.

Yes, that is me. I want in!

Healthy conscious relationships will change the world and it starts with you and the people you love saying YES to...

A life where you truly TRUST.

You in your power in all of your relationships.

Communicating TRUTH with ease.

Feel deeply connected to yourself with the ability to move through conflict with love. 

Understanding it wasn’t your fault.

And having the tools to feel safe no matter what is happening around you.

Calling in the humans in recovery & your loved ones who are ready to heal the dysfunctional family systems

Calling you in if you are ready to uplevel your relationship to yourself and therefore all the people around you.

To learn to heal the past & relate to your  friends, co-workers, recovery communities, partners, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and beyond with confidence, trust & love.



A 5-month experience brought to you by a conscious sober woman.

The ONLY unique experience created for people in recovery and their loved ones to learn to communicate clearly and feel understood to experience more love and a deeper connection.

ONE unique experience for BOTH the person in Recovery and the person who loves someone in recovery.  

I'm ready to Recover the Trust

The world needs more humans, like you, to trust yourself and connect more deeply.

Recover the Trust is for you because…

 You desire to be the best version of yourself. 

 You want to learn to communicate your needs with grace. 

 You want to end the generational trauma forever.

Saying yes to Recover the Trust will give you the freedom to:

 Stop walking on eggshells.

 Start connecting instead of caretaking.

 Stop avoiding and start coming closer

 Start saying what you want instead of what you think people want to hear.

Welcome to Recover the Trust.

A safe way of connecting to people you love and make it a way of life.

I am ready to Recover the Trust.

Recover the Trust Journey

Create safety in your relationships to move forward with a deeper understanding of how to communicate from a place of compassion and honesty. 

The RECOVER THE TRUST experience is the ONLY UNIQUE experience led by a conscious sober woman who will guide you towards reclaiming your connection and recovering the trust so you feel safe to get what you need and desire from all of your relationships.

The perspective I bring as a conscious sober woman supports you to understand the complexities of recovery for both the recovering person and their loved ones. 

By incorporating trauma-informed practices and practical tools to use in your day-to-day life along with videos, audios, meditations to support you to embody the work you’ll learn to  make it a way of life. 

I will hold the safe space for trust to be built and heal your family systems, your friendships, your marriages, your partnerships and give you the tools to trust yourself and the people you love with more vulnerability and play.

I will guide you with love.

I will guide you to feel safe. 

I will guide you to deeper forgiveness. 

I will guide you back to trust.

I am ready to recover the trust. Sign me up.

Here's how it works

Recover the Trust is a 20 week experience (5 months) starting the week of September 27, 2021

5 Modules will be spread out over three weeks so you have plenty of time to understand the concepts, implement, ask questions, practice and get feedback.

Four ways to say yes

Enrollment Ends September 30, 2021

This is the only way to work with me until 2022. Once Recover the Trust starts I will be devoting all my time, attention, and love to those who join us and my current 1:1 clients.









What to expect

Group Coaching Sessions

We’ll have 9 interactive workshops and 5 small groups calls to discuss what you’ve learned and how you are implementing it and prepare for what is next. I am there to support you every step of the way and we’ll build a community to keep you out of isolation and on-track to achieve your goals.

Support & Accountability Community

You’ll also become a member of the Recover the Trust Private Group where you and your classmates can ask me questions, share your successes, receive support, and practice what you are learning in a safe and private forum off of social media.

Online Self-Directed Courses

Each month you’ll work through a different topic of Recover the Trust from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Video lessons, journaling prompts, and guided meditations will help you immerse yourself in the learning and prepare you for the coaching sessions.

Seven Months of Access

The learning and growth doesn’t stop once the program does. Once we’ve completed the 5-month Recover the Trust program you will have access to all the materials, coaching sessions, lessons, and private group for an additional 60 days.

I'm decided. I want to recover the trust.

This shit works, ya’ll

RESULTS from saying Yes to Recover the Trust

I want these results, sign me up.

Meet the conscious sober woman inviting you to Recover the Trust…

Hi, I'm Amy Guerrero

A Trauma Trained Recovery Life Coach/Relationship Expert 

On a journey to heal my trauma I stumbled (pun intended) into a conscious sober lifestyle and my deeper purpose to support people. 

Today, I support people to heal past traumas to feel more freedom, pleasure & purpose to create healthy relationships & thrive. 

I was confident no single approach to healing and living a conscious sober life would work for me so why would it work for anyone else?  I got busy educating myself, training and working with people in somatic experiencing, attachment theory and other trauma-informed modalities and relating it to living a conscious sober lifestyle.

What I discover is missing for my clients, who include all adults ready to create healthier relationships is when we unravel the root causes of the addictive escape such as grief, trauma and attachment adaptations it is possible to connect with more safety and reveal their true potential purpose and thrive in all sober relationships.

Outside of running my coaching business, Thrive in Recovery, you can find me practicing what I teach; cooking healthy, delicious food, practicing yoga, playing outdoors and strengthening my connection to myself to serve others.

The details to help you say yes

You answered all my questions. I’m ready to sign up.

I believe in you.

When you say yes to yourself you are opening the door to the possibilities of a life where you...

Feel safe to trust yourself to communicate clearly and feel confident in your daily actions to live on purpose for yourself and your entire family.

Understand your loved ones, by having the tools to communicate more effectively so that you have the level of connection and intimacy you truly desire.

Feel deeply connected to yourself, all of the people in your life, and your larger community, all while you enjoy the freedom to be who you are without the shame & guilt of the past.

Know that you can safely step into and express all of who you are as you live fully in your power, in alignment with your life’s mission.

It’s all so possible for you and it starts with saying yes to this invitation and choosing to Recover the Trust!

Come… say yes...

Join the other beautiful humans who have already signed up for this amazing experience and be a part of the community of healthy conscious relationships changing the world.

Say YES to this invitation.