August 25-27, 2021


A complimentary 3-day interactive experience to build the bridge to trust with the people you love.

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If you are anything like me and my family a lot of weird stuff happened during the journey of recovery for you and the people that love you. 

Family dynamics and friendships were strained and got weird and now that you are sober, conscious and doing all the things to live your best life you want to recover the trust in your relationships.

The thing is it takes more than one human to make this work and rebuilding feels impossible, hopeless and hard AF.

And I am here to tell you it is so possible for you and your loved ones to recover the trust and love each other, have more fun, and be more connected than you ever have before without the shaming and blaming that has kept you stuck in the past. 

To all recovering humans and their loved ones who are out there with a deep desire to repair your relationships and experience deeper connection and more love... 

To all the parents who want to re-connect and understand their recovering children...

To all the children out there who want to be understood and accepted exactly as they are by their parents...

To all the partners (husband, wives, spouses) who want more intimacy, communication, love and deeper connection with their partner recovering...

To all the friends and family out there that miss their loved one and want to be able to play, laugh and connect without being weird…

To all the recovering humans out there that are feeling exhausted, hopeless and disconnected from the people you love…

This is for you! 

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If you...

… feel disconnected from the people you love. 

...are longing for repair and deeper connection.

… feel like it’s impossible from where you are right now…

Where do you begin?

Right here.

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Let me let you in on a secret….

Deep down, you all desire the same thing.  More love. More acceptance exactly as you are. More understanding.  A safe, deep connection and you want to have fun and play together!

But, it gets all weird because shit happened in the past that disrupted your connection and ever since then it's been weird. 

You walk on eggshells, you hold back what you really want to say, you caretake instead of connect, you avoid instead of coming closer, you get anxious about saying the wrong things and then don't say anything at all. 

I so get it!

I believe that healthy conscious relationships will change the world and it starts with you and the people you love saying YES to this  invitation.

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Can you imagine what it would be like to…

Feel safe to trust yourself to communicate clearly and feel confident in your daily actions to live on purpose for yourself and your entire family?

Understand your loved ones, by having the tools to communicate more effectively so that you have the level of connection and intimacy you truly desire?

Feel deeply connected to yourself, all of the people in your life and your larger community, all while you enjoy the freedom to be who you are without the shame & guilt of the past?

Know that you can safely step into and express all of who you are as you live fully in your power, in alignment with your life’s mission?

Calling in the humans in recovery and their loved ones who are ready to heal the dysfunctional family systems by upleveling your relationship to yourself and therefore all the people around you:

Your  friends, co-workers, recovery communities, partners, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and beyond.

The world needs families to come together to forgive and connect more deeply.  For you to be the best version of you. For you to learn to communicate your needs with grace. For you and your family and friends to be the transitional characters that end the generational trauma forever. 

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A complimentary 3-day experience brought to you by a conscious sober woman.

The only unique experience created for people in recovery and their loved ones to learn to communicate clearly, feel understood to experience more love and a deeper connection.

Welcome to a safe way of connecting to people you love.

Understand what you actually want and how to ask for it clearly.  

Create safety in your relationships to move forward with a deeper understanding of how to communicate from a place of compassion and honesty.

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Meet the Creator

Amy Guerrero

A Trauma Trained Recovery Life Coach/Relationship Expert 

On a journey to heal my trauma I stumbled (pun intended) into a conscious sober lifestyle and my deeper purpose to support people. 

Today, I support people to heal past traumas to feel more freedom, pleasure & purpose to create healthy relationships & thrive. 

I was confident no single approach to healing and living a conscious sober life would work for me so why would it work for anyone else?  I got busy educating myself, training and working with people in somatic experiencing, attachment theory and other trauma-informed modalities and relating it to living a conscious sober lifestyle.

What I discover is missing for my clients, who include all adults ready to create healthier relationships is when we unravel the root causes of the addictive escape such as grief, trauma and attachment adaptations it is possible to connect with more safety and reveal their true potential purpose and thrive in all sober relationships.

Outside of running my coaching business, Thrive in Recovery, you can find me practicing what I teach; cooking healthy, delicious food, practicing yoga, playing outdoors and strengthening my connection to myself to serve others.

The Details

Day 1

August 25th, 2021

4pm PDT/7pm EDT

When you stopped trusting yourself and why.

Day 2

August 26th, 2021

4pm PDT/7pm EDT

Why you feel so scared to communicate the truth.

Day 3

August 27th, 2021

4pm PDT/7pm EDT

How to build trust to thrive.

The Bridge to Trust is for you if you’re ready to learn how to...

  • Connect with the people you love feeling 100% authentic & safe
  • Clearly show up as 100% you in all relationships, at all times
  • Feel more confident to ask for what you need in your relationships
  • Forgive yourself at a deeper level to rebuild the trust
  • Set strong, loving boundaries to support yourself and your relationships
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I will hold the safe space for trust to be built and heal your family systems, your friendships, your marriages, your partnerships and give you the tools to trust yourself and the people you love with more vulnerability and play.


I will guide you with love.

I will guide you to feel safe.

I will guide you to deeper forgiveness.

I will guide you back to trust. 

 Healthy, conscious relationships will change the world and it starts with YOU now.

Come… say yes...

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