You've done all the things to overcome trauma...

Now what?

Regulate with Amy

Powerful Personalized coaching guiding you to regulate your nervous system to show up with grounded confidence, self-trust & make it your way of life.

Yes, I want this!

Has this ever been you (or you now)?

Going to therapy for years and telling the same stories week after week.

Attending support groups & coaching groups used to feel good but now feels monotonous and repetitive.

Hanging out with people who no longer feel good to you; don't challenge you or meet your needs.


Are you ready to live conscious, feel happier, and fulfill your desires?

If you’re like me, you spent most of your life numbing yourself out. Now you’re awake and you want to LIVE BIG, but you’re struggling.

Conscious living isn’t a light switch. You’re not going to wake up one day, magically transported into a new house, a new job, a new city, or a new relationship. We heal from where we are, and all real change comes from within.

This is hard work, and it’s totally okay to feel paralyzed. I’ve been there and I can help you break free, keeping you on track with your dreams and aspirations.

I don't want to wait, how do I get in?

Let’s face it – what you’ve been doing until now hasn’t exactly been working.


There is another way to live conscious.

Together let’s ditch the systems you invested in that didn’t deliver the sustainable conscious lifestyle you want.

Despite what you may have heard, experiencing the freedom you want in your conscious life doesn’t have to take years. (And yes, I have proof!) We can build a happy, healthy life with time to do what you love instead of just going throught the motions in other programs and barely getting by. And we will make it happen much sooner than you think!

Sharing your life experiences makes me the ideal personal mentor. I will support you exactly where you are at, from the comfort of your own home.


The ultimate customized care.

Everything I do is custom made for you, based on your life experiences. Where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go to thrive!
No cookie cutters! My integrative approach focuses on your unique life and builds you a roadmap to success.

I will show you how to take care of yourself and your needs, even when you are around people who trigger the out of you.  You will feel safe to remove all the masks & show up feeling a sense of grounded confidence & self-trust.


Picture your life - grounded in confidence & self-trust.

Tap into what really matters to you. Be so passionate about your life that you are showing up for your work, love & relationships brave, vulnerable & authentic.

Strengthen your relationship with yourself.  Embody confidence, are at ease to talk about the hard things, and know you are worthy of asking for the love and connection you want. Imagine setting healthy, grounded boundaries in your life, maybe for the first time ever.

See yourself steadfast in your strengths, knowing how to use compassion to build the conscious life you never thought was possible. We will get there together. 

I want in now. How do I skip the line?

You want to make your dreams real & feel good doing it! 

I get it. I've been there.

After years of seeking, studying, yogaing, and striving to accept myself and my past, I am now sharing my program Regulate with Amy to help you transcend the trauma without the struggle.

Y’all, I’m passionate because I refuse to accept the stigmas attached to mental wellness & trauma. You don't have to suffer while you build your career, play bigger in your relationships & make the impact you want to make in the world. 

I’m excited to show you what is possible, and I’m fired up to see you accept yourself, acknowledge your past, and build your future. 

I'm so ready. What are my options?

3 steps to successfully living with self-trust


Step 1: Tell Your Story

I’ve created a form to help me know more about you and your story before we chat. This is the start of our journey together, so please let your heart flow into your answers. When the form is complete, book your complimentary 45-minute call. This scheduled time is for your personalized assessment, where we discuss your present situation and explore what is possible for the future.


Step 2: Create Your Roadmap

Like everything we will do, this assessment is completely personalized to you. We speak frankly and honestly about your current reality, what’s ahead, and what’s possible for you. We define a unique roadmap for you and address your needs to discover and build a way of life you love living.


Step 3: Thrive in Your Recovery

Now that you have your customized plan. It is time to get to work, making healthy, directed choices that get you to your goals. I am right here with you, sharing your successes and supporting you to repair after setbacks and ruptures (we all have them). As life happens, we revise your plan and our play together to handle new challenges and celebrate milestones. I am completely committed to your success and witnessing you create the life, work, money & love you desire.

Yes, this is what I need!


Hannah W. coaching testimonial

Hannah W.

Before I started with Amy, I was absolutely stuck. I had gone 9 years clean and as far as I could with conventional 12-step recovery. Things were hopeless.

I completely missed the fact that I was cut off dissociated from my body, stuck in a trauma response, and permanently in this state without knowing why... I found Amy on Instagram and for the 1st time in my life, resonated with what she spoke of on a deep gut-level I knew she could help me.

A few of the biggest things I've gotten out of my work with Amy and Thrive in Recovery are… My relationships with myself firstly are in a place I have never experienced or thought possible, my relationships with partner and friends is unrecognizable, I no longer feel terror at the thought of letting anyone near me, I am experiencing trust and safety for the first time in 45 years. I feel like its only just beginning.

If you are considering working with Amy and Thrive in Recovery, I would tell you: Absolutely give yourself a chance if you feel resonance!

L.C. coaching testimonial


Before I started with Thrive in Recovery, I was at the end of my knowledge and had outgrown being able to thrive on my own. I knew I needed a mentor/success coach, but had no idea where to turn-finding Amy while on Instagram was the answer I had custom ordered.

I trusted Amy’s knowledge. She spoke of things I had been studying on my own, as well as the instant Karmic connection I experienced on our first call.

The biggest thing I've gotten out of my work with Amy and Thrive in Recovery was Self Confidence and Deep Healing of past trauma. I am still kind of early in the work, but I already feel so much more Alive and Ready for Life, Love, Business and Happiness! I love having Amy’s constant support, and with her help I have become a better spouse, friend, and son. I am making great strides in my professional ventures as well.

If you are considering working with Amy and Thrive in Recovery, DO IT! GO ALL IN AND DON'T WAIT! You are So Very Worth It!

Johnny C. coaching testimonial

Johnny C.

Before I started my work with Amy I was coming back from a relapse after many years in 12 step rooms plus open-heart surgery. My life was filled with exposed secrets, a troubled marriage, low self-worth and suicidal thoughts. The primary reason I chose to invest in myself with Amy was relief from my thoughts, behaviors and curiosity of the root causes. I was hesitant after her first workshop, but I remained curious and went to a second workshop where it became clear that Thrive in Recovery was worth a shot.

The most vital things I have gotten out of this adventure is finding out why I act as I do, learning about the different parts of my makeup and discovering what trauma looks like. Amy gently guided me to uncover, discover and recover the best in me, attributes so deeply buried, their existence were unknown to me. I also learned and am learning how to dissolve those characteristics that are no longer serve me or useful or necessary. Trying to learn to ask for what I need has been the biggest gift that this program has given me.


Feeling your YES (even if it's scary)... ‚Äč

Looking forward to guiding you

Yes, I am so ready to do this!